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Presenting, my '84 Z-28

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In August of 2002, my Camaro has not been driven due to a spun bearing.  6/27/04 (almost 2 years later) marked the beginning of a large project to make my Z28 road worthy again! Visit Project Rebirth!

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Site last updated on 4/20/2010.

    I'm dedicating this site to my pride and joy, my sweet '84 Z-28.   You can count on stopping by and once in a while seeing a neat new mini-restore project (usually after it's been completed).  In the short time that I've owned this car, it's been through Hell and back to tell the tale.  The car and I were involved in an accident that should've totalled it back in January of '99 (that was a MAJOR restore project).

    Big thing to learn quick about me.  I'm not a motor head (I learn as I come by information).  By hobby and career, I'm a computer tech, not a mechanic.  I drive a car (such as my Z-28) because I like how it looks and how it feels to drive.   I'm a hardcore 3rd gen F-body fan (hey, that's why I had my beauty repaired and not junked).   I believe a good 3rd Gen F-body is MORE then a nice piece of transportation.  For a true 3rd Gen F-body fan, it's a way of life and pride of owning one.  As Pontiac says "It's Driving Excitement"!!

Here's some quick info on my 3rd Gen:
Year - 1984
Engine - 305 5.0 Liter H.O. (L69 Engnine)
Transmission - 5 Speed Manual (is there any other for a Sports Car)
Power Door Locks, Windows and Trunk Release
Air Conditioning (currently not functional)
Cruise Control (currently not functional)
T-Tops (who needs air conditioning when you have these)
Current Mileage - 138,000 (as of 10-29-2001)

My Modifications:
Turbo Daytona Fiberglass Hood
K&N Air Filter and BOSCH Oil Filter installed
'87 Firebird Trans Am Seats
IROC Grid-Style Tail Lights
Stereo - SONY in-dash CD player/control and SONY 10-Disc CD Changer
Speakers - Kenwood 2-way 4x6's in the fronts and Kenwood 3-way 6x9's in the rears
Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust (installed by Nelson's Car Care Dianostics -

Future Modifications (during restoration):
UMI Rear Control Arms
UMI Sub-Frame Connectors
PST PolyGraphite Front End Kit
Aluminum Drive Shaft
Clear Side Marker Lights
140 MPH Speedometer
Posi Trac Rear End
Greaseable Door Hinge-Pins

    I bought my Camaro for $1,500 in March of '98 (my senior year of high school).  But the funny part is, I bought my Z-28 from the first police officer who ever wrote me a ticket (and no, it wasn't a speeding ticket).  I admit it, this car has become my life's obession.  3rd Gen F-bodies were my dream cars and now I own one.  Currently, I am into re-detailing, touch up work and appearance modifications to my car (I enjoy that kind of work).  Even though I just had a body shop repair the quarter pannel and repaint the whole car, their are some areas not done to my satisfaction.  Once I have a garage of my own, I plan on eventually stripping it done myself and once again hitting it with some fresh paint .  But that's not for a long time down the road.

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More about the '84 Camaro (Pics and Projects)

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My '04 Chevy Monte Carlo SS
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And now I leave you with:

FORD Acronyms:

Factory Order Road Disaster
Follows Other Real Drivers
Fails On Race Day
Found On Road Dead
Fix Or Repair Daily
Forced Off Road Daily

Camaro - Can A Mustang Approach Real Opposition!!

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