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Posted: 6/20/2010

8085 Main St.
Kinsman, OH 44428
(330) 876-2553

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What Happened to www.stainlessexhaust.com?
For those who follow my website, you will notice, a number of my cars, I mention one of the mods was a custom stainless exhaust from a Nelson's Car Care.   I noticed a number of years ago, the web site of www.stainlessexhaust.com disappeared.   Since it's disappearance, I know the shop is still in business (as I know people that have had their cars serviced by this shop).   I don't know why the web site no longer exists (my guess was the owner lost interest in it and chose not to pay to renew the domain name).

Why are you hosting a page to tell readers this information?
Because I believe in the product and the service from this shop!   The first time I took a car to this shop was based on the rumor of how worth while it was to have this shop handle my exhaust.   The first car I took there was my 1984 Camaro.   I remember when I called to make my appointment, I was speaking with the shop owner and he said they recently put an exhaust on an '83 Z28 belonging to one of his employees, and he wanted me to hear what I was getting so much, he had the guy start the car and he put the phone to the exhaust (before I had a chance to say I'll be there in person).   A friend of mine and I drove there early on a Saturday 1.5 hours away from home and these guys worked on my car while we waited.   When they were done, the shop owner showed me all the work while the car was still on the lift and was proud of the craftsmanship (something you don't see to often, pride in one's work).   They are so confident in what they do, everything I've had them work on, has a guarentee for LIFE on parts and labor!

Nice story, but really, why are you hosting a page to tell readers this information?
Great question.   Between my family and friends, I know of at least six or more cars to this day that this shop has serviced!   Everyone, a happy customer and none of them have yet to exercise the lifetime warranty!   Recently in talking to a friend about how pleased I've been with the exhaust on my current '94 Grand Am, I got curious and wondered how many miles this exhaust has been on the car.   I found the receipt and that exhaust was put on 8/23/2003 when the car had 98,448 miles on it.
Today, that Grand Am is at 197K, I am literally days from putting 100,000 miles on this exhaust and I have had ZERO complaints!   It has never leaked, the welds have all held, it's been through every winter northern Ohio has thrown at the car and sounds as good as the day I bought it.   I compare this to friends who got an exhaust job locally, paid as much or more as I did for this stainless job, and in about 1.5 years, they have rusted holes in their exhaust and sound like a monster truck or hangers that bust.
I simply believe in the work done at this shop.   Sure, it's a LONG way from home, but I've seen more then enough proof (and I've driven the proof long enough), to stand by the work done by this shop.   I simply wanted to make sure I shared as much info as I could about this small shop and the terrific work they do and make sure anyone else with interest in their services had not just my accounts of their service, but their address and phone number.
As long as Nelson's Car Care is in business and I keep seeing the same great results each time I take a car there, they have MY business for LIFE!

Seriously, are you being paid to brag about this shop?   Are your claims real?
I can guarentee, I have never received any compensation for my claims.   I can also guarentee my claims are based on my experience with Nelson's.   Again, I just wanted to make sure anyone interested in the exhaust I have on my Camaro and any of my other cars knew exactly where I got it from and how pleased I was with it.    I hope this has been of use to some people on the Internet.   And today, I fully expect that exhaust on my '94 Grand Am to outlive the car.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest in my Camaro web site!

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