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See what this car was before the wreck at '02 Grand Am GT Ram Air!

And here's what happened:
Well, it seems like I did not have this '02 all that long.   A lot of time and work went into making this car right again.   With 119,000 miles on it (only 10,000 more then it had when I bought it), on February 5th, 2014, I was running an errand after work.   The roads were typical winter roads, slushy and icy.   Heading south on Rt. 306, I hit a bad patch of this slop, the car began to loose control.   Despite my best efforts, I ended up sliding into on coming traffic.

Luckily, I had no passengers in my car, the other guy that ran into me (and I'll add, he DID have the right of way, I slide into his path) was fine, no injuries.   We exchanged information, the other guy involved was very kind and understanding of the situation (some people use these times to be jerks, this guy did not).   Once we were both fine, cars off the road, I called for an officer to be dispatched, write a report and sadly, get a ticket for failure to control.

I drove the car home from the accident and the following day began working with my insurance company.   My insurance company insisted I take it to a body shop (despite me explaining I'm certain it will be a total loss and asking if they could send a claims adjuster.   With that, I took it to D&S Automotive and within the next day was told it is going to be totalled out.   Took some work with the insurance company, but I got the car released so I could drive it home, de-mod it and clean out my other belongings.

On the plus side, State Farm took care of me on this.   When they spoke to me about the payout on my total loss, I had no need for any follow ups.   From start to finish, State Farm made this a simple matter.   When it was over, I managed to an orange '04 Grand Am GT SC/T (a car I wish I could have got when I bought this now totalled '02 Grand Am).

Here are pics from the night of the accident and the following day (only the front driver side door now works, the rest are pinched by the body being bent and well not open):

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