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OK, this project is a bit odd (Firebird seats in a big, bad Z-28), but I think really worth it.  I got tired of seeing that crappy decorative plastic tubing crack and destroy seams on the seats or the minor signs of aging (and the worn support springs on the driver seat).  I admit, for their age, they were in good shape, but they could be better!  At first I wasn't sure what I wanted or how I wanted to do this (took about a day to decide what I wanted and probably over a year to complete).   I, for some reason, I fell in love with the gray fabric GM used on most of the Firebird seats (and I was going to get my hands on a set for my Z-28).

Well, here they are.  The factory original, zebra striped seats.   After about 15 years of service, the front seats are showing some age.

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On a trip to the junk yards with a couple of my bud's, we came home with some perfect back seats from an '87 Firebird!!  A small bit of cleaning and these babies will be the beginning of a world of change for my Z-28!   My goal now is to find the matching set of front seats.

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You can see a small bit of pop was splashed on the front of the one lower bucket.  Let's say all the stains on the seats came out with out a fight.

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