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Name:  Jason Morris
Birthdate:  July 3rd
Location:  Mentor Ohio (suburb of Cleveland)
E-Mail:  The.Maniac404@gmail.com
Marital Status: Divorced
Hobbies: Computers and Computer Networking, my Camaro Restoration/Mod Projects, AutoCrossing (racing), playing pool
Favorite Music Band: Aerosmith
Favorite TV Show: X-Files and That 70's Show
Occupation: Computer technician for a large financial institute
    Mentor High School Graduate
    Mentor/Lakeland Tech Prep Consortium (Computer Information Systems)
    Attended Registry training seminar provided by CompuMaster (Completed November of 2000)
    Attended Windows 2000 Server training provided by New Horizons (Completed August of 2001)
    Associates in Computer Networking from Lakeland Community College

Professional Resume: Click Here to View!

    I have so many different ways I enjoy to spend my time.  Mostly, spending time with my friends or anyone one of my other hobbies.

   My current interests/hobbies (beyond my car) consist of dabbling with computers and computer networking.  I'm fascinated in learning everything I can about bigger complex networks (beyond the ones set up for a good group of video gamers).  Though I do enjoy getting together with friends, networking a bunch of computers and playing a bit of Quake 3 (or better yet, Need For Speed 3) can also be a lot of fun.  Some pics from one of these such gathering can be found by clicking HERE.

    I enjoy listening to heavy metal and hard rock music (I admit, I'm somewhat big into the groups from the 80's).   My favorite band of all time is Aerosmith (I had the pleasure of seeing them twice in concert so far and look forward to any future concerts).  I also listen to other groups, like Metallica, MegaDeth, The Offspring and Guns n' Roses.  I wanted to see KISS when they came around Cleveland this last time (but from what I was hearing on ticket prices, just too much for my blood).

    I love the summer weather more then any other season (the warm weather days are also my "time to take the T-tops out" days).  Summer is great, because then one can go swimming, enjoy cleaner streets and sidewalks (none of this ugly slush or road salt around).  I love nothing else more then driving' my Z-28 with my stereo blazing and T-tops off all during the summer!  I also enjoy taking my Camaro to AutoCross meets when they come around.

    I also have taken a liking to minor body work (not collision repair).  That started when I first put a sander to my '84 Buick.   Even though I never finished that, I enjoyed what I started (and half wish I would have been able to see the final product).  Some day I'll put a sander to another car and have my chance, I'm sure of it.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  So, now here's my pic (this was one of my senior pictures from high school):

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