Here it is.  This page is illustrating parts I'm currently searching for (Pics provided when available).

1. Emblem for the rear bumper of an '84 Z-28.  This is the emblem that goes on the opposite side of Z-28 emblem.  It should read "5.0 Liter H.O.".   No Pic Available.

2. Louver style headlight covers (as illustrated in this pic):

lvrhdlts.jpg (94584 bytes)

3. Complete set of center hub covers for the standard 5 star, 15 inch wheels.  They are black with inserts on them reading "Z-28".

z28rimcap.jpg (5082 bytes)

If you're trying to sell any of these, please E-mail me a pic (if available) and your price tag.  Or if you can give me contact info on where I can purchase these items, that too would be equally appreciated.  Thanks!

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