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Sad but true, my Camaro finally reached a point of being in need of a new exhaust system.  For starters, the muffler was so bad, that where the pipe went into it from the Cat, it was all rotted away.  Rev the engine and with the roar came the rattle (from behind, you could see the tail pipes shake).  It was also evident by the odors of exhaust leak all around my Z.

And so it began.  My father told me of a shop he found on the Internet, in Kinsman Ohio, that specializes in custom bending the pipes and doing a complete stainless exhaust system.  I looked this place up, Nelson's Diagnostic Car Care, Inc (   They even specialized in a custom made stainless muffler.  Called them up, got my quote and made my appointment.  Now, for those who don't know much about Ohio, I live in Mentor, and Kinsman is about an hour and a half away from Mentor (if I recall correctly).

So my good friend Chris Mosack and I set off one Saturday morning to get to these guys.  And we made it on time.  I believe we got there at 9:00am, dropped the Z off and had some breakfast across the street.  After we had breakfast, Chris and I walked around town.  They estimated that since they had to also replace the Cat, this would take them every bit of time until noon.  I'll tell you what, I find the end result is beautiful.  The entire exhaust is cleanly welded in (Nelson himself showed me all the welds and I can tell you, they are clean and solid).  I would have to say, if you need you exhaust replaced, I personally recommend taking the job to Nelson's Diagnostic Car Care.

I had them put 3" tail pipes out the back.  Took a bit to get used to this new look, but I like it.  It looks sharp and sounds mean.  I also got a huge performance boost by this new exhaust (it wasn't until the drive home did I realize how bogged down the Z was by the old faulty system).  My friend Chris has a '97 Cobra Mustang, running all stock options.  Put his 'Stang next to my Z and rev engines, mine sounds much more intimidating!

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