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6/27/04-Unknown - Z28 Return From a 2 Year Rest

Some might be wondering what in the heck I mean by project rebirth. Well, here's the story in a nutshell. Back in August of 2002, the engine on my Z28 developed a rather nasty noise. I was told by a couple of sources this was the sounds of some bad rod bearings. Ever since then my Camaro has been dorment (other then moving it to my new house and then into the garage that cam with the house). So basically it has been at rest for almost two years.

In late May of 2004 I finally reached a point where summer weather has been getting to me. For almost two years, I have looked at my Camaro and thought "some day, I will drive it again". It's going to be a long road until my Camaro is road worthy, but it has to start! Hence updates to follow in this section titled "Project Rebirth".

After I had to quit driving my Camaro, I originally thought I would do a full body restore (ending with a complete new paint job). Instead this project is only going to be a partial restore (begining steps for a more complete detailed restore later). I regret, a complete new paint job is NOT in the plans at this time, but here's what is:

- Engine Rebuild/Replace (not decided yet)
- Replacement of Engine Sensor Wiring (with age comes dry and brittle)
- Repair of the Strut Towers (formally a daily drive for years has made it's mark)
- Repainting of Engine Compartment
- Thoughts of Repainting the Entire Camaro

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6-27-2004 - Engine Removal

7-30-2005 - Passenger Side Fender

8-1-2005 - Driver Side Fender

8-7-2005 - Front Nose/Bumper Cover

10-1-2005 - ??-??-2005 - Misc Disassembly Progress

update_e0.gif (674 bytes) 3-13-2010 - 3-20-2010 - Strut Tower Recovery update_e0.gif (674 bytes)

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