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Driver Side Fender

Now that I made just a little progress by removing one fender, I felt a little more motivated to nudge this progress I touch further.   I came from work Monday, and decided once again, fine time to work on the Camaro.  Changed out of my work cloths and out to the garage.  Given the fact my garage is a mess and the fact I don't have much room for comfort on the driver side, I pulled the Camaro onto the driveway.  Yep, I pulled it, put on my leather gloves, grabbed the metal above where the radiator sits and pulled (amazing how easy you can move a car with no engine).

Removing this fender went MUCH quicker then the passenger side (because I knew more of what I was doing this time).  I think total time for this one was an hour once I put the first socket to a nut or bolt.  I'm sure for some people, an hour is too long, but I'm a rookie at this and all I cared about is acomplishing a small goal.

Now like the passenger side, I did snap one or two studs to some brackets.  But once again, they broke instantly when I put some effort into it.  With what I'm doing with this Z28 and the fact I will probably end up replacing all those bracket, I did not care.  To me an effortless and clean stud break was far better then having to crank on this thing for 10 minutes or so and then it breaking.  It just saved me time how I look at it.

Anycase, by the time I was done, the sun was beginning to set.  Time to hurry, get some pics, clean up my tools and push the Camaro back in the garage.   In the pics are some metal patches that were put on/around the driver side strut tower/apron.   These were done back when the replacement floorpans were put in.   They were put in to keep some structure in parts of the Camaro that were rotting out pretty bad.   And this is why I want to get those towers/aprons replaced or some better patches.  Anycase, here we go, some more pics!

Top shot of Driver Side Strut Tower/Apron (notice some metal patching)

Dscf0008.jpg Dscf0009.jpg Dscf0010.jpg
And now the underside of that Strut Tower/Apron (pretty bad looking)

Dscf0007.jpg Dscf0011.jpg Dscf0006.jpg
Just another look behind the fender. Notice the metal pathin the lower right (near the door)

More of the rusted breaks!

Just a a simple shot of today's work area

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