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March of 2010 - Getting Replacement Strut Towers

"When you first told me what you wanted to do, I gotta tell ya, I thought you were crazy.   But after we got the first tower off, I was like, I can't believe were doing this!   Then after the second was off, I was like...... wow...... we did it!" - Jeromey Cummins

This section documents the success of recovering a pair of strut towers for my '84 Camaro. For those who have followed this website over the years, you may recall back in June of 2000, I briefly commented in the pics regarding the floor pan replacement that my strut towers are in serious need of repair/replacement.
I cannot express for my project how much this phase meant.    I had sought after a couple of donor cars, cut these from a partial clip of a car, or even brand new (but I only found that at $300 a side and that was NOT going to happen).    Each would-be attempt at a solution for my needs ended in failure.

The quote at the top is what Jeromey told me after the job mentioned below was completed.    I found it both funny and complimentary.    It meant accomplishing something that did not seem easy (especially given the limits).    This project began by finding a donor car in a junk yard and trying to figure out how to bring in some power tools to cut these pieces out.    The planning involved borrowing two battery-powered saw-zalls (with two batteries a piece).    Due to the limitations of these saw-zalls and battery re-charges, this project took three trips and costs only $20 a side!

The Donor - The pics below are of a 1986 Camaro Berlinetta.    These show the car as it sat when we arrived to cut it up on our first day.    Looking at it, I believe someone took it high speed in reverse straight into a fence pole.    The sadest part of all, the sheet metal of this car looked in good shape.    Had it not been for the damage at the rear, this car might have become a great project car at some point for someone.    Now, it's scrap metal for another Camaro!

Strut Tower Recovery - Main
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 1
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 2
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 3
Strut Tower Recovery - Original Towers

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