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We ran into some complications.  One was a rotting strut tower.   Right below the windshield wiper bottle, you could poke finger through it.   So, for the moment, some patch pieces were welded in.  Ain't pretty, but returns structure.  Some day both strut towers will be better serviced.  I have a lot I want to do to this thing if my future permits (I think we all have projects/dreams like that).  Needless to say, the under side is truely a MESS!  Also, I didn't grab a picture of it, but we had a repair job in the driver side rocker panel.  It had an ugly whole through it (and the body shop the repaired my quarter panel didn't do anything about other than engineer a half-assed solution).  Once again, a fine work in engineering was done to return structure to that region.

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Alright, below, I hjave a driver's side floor pan welded in!!   YIPPIE!!  Not too much to add here (same work as on the passenger side).   Then one difference is we used an air chisel and appropriate attachment to do the removal (instead of wasting many metal cutting wheels).

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