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March of 2010 - Getting Replacement Strut Towers

March 20th, 2020 - The following Saturday (a nice and DRY day), Jeromey and my friend/brother-in-law Matt returned to the junk yard.    I came far better prepared!    I had all batteries for the saw-zalls fully charged AND I managed to borrow two additional batteries from another friend.
I started cutting and at one point, the shortest saw-zall blade started bouncing/bucking because of how it was positioned going through some of the frame (gave me a horrible headache).    Fortunately, I passed the saw-zall to Jeromey and he went to town and finished the job!    Matt took the pic of Jeromey and I holding up the second tower.    Mission accomplished, a job well done!    Best of all, no pointless destruction of a camber plate!


Strut Tower Recovery - Main
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 1
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 2
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 3
Strut Tower Recovery - Original Towers

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