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March of 2010 - Getting Replacement Strut Towers

March 13th, 2020 - The pic on the left, shows Jeff (red coat) and Jeromey are eyeing up the job at hand and helping to prep the "patient" for surgery.    The day was a little drizzly and chilly (but not horrible).

Sadly, in being overly excited, we wasted time and battery power destroying a camber plate for no reason (long story, I will spare everyone the details).    The driver side tower (which during this project I refered to as "The Prize") was the one I really needed.    That Saturday, we walked out of the junk yard suffering a partial defeat.    The tower was about two cuts from being out.    The pic of Jeromey and I is of us holding a camber plate we mutilated (the "funny" accomplishment of the day).

Strut Tower Recovery - Main
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 1
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 2
Strut Tower Recovery - Day 3
Strut Tower Recovery - Original Towers

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