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See what this car was before the wreck at '93 Grand Am SE!

The days of my '93 Grand Am SE are over after it had about 142,000 miles. On February 11, 2003, I was on my way home from work and my Grand Am spun out. Everything happened as I was almost through an area that is nicknamed "Dead Man's Curve". My speed was matched with that of traffic in front and behind me at the time. I was almost clear of the curve, to the point that I almost had the car's wheels pointed straight (another words, almost out of that whole curve). At that moment, the rear end of the Grand Am began to pull towards the barrier wall. I attempted to make a course correcting and gently steer into the slide (point my front wheels towards the wall, where the rear of the car was swerving to). At that point the rear end of the Grand Am began to push the opposite direction. All the course corrections I made did nothing but increase the movements left and right of the rear end of the car.

My car was finished off when it spun completely around and smashed the passenger side into the barrier wall (it was now pointed toward on-coming traffic and in the center median against the barrier wall). Most important of all, no one (including myself) was injured (unless you count the fact my knee bumped the center console) and no body else was involved. On top of that, the Cleveland PD did not cite me for the accident (I later learned that earlier that same day was another accident similar to mine in the same location).

My father arrived to the scene of the accident shortly after I called my step-mom. He took the time to take almost everything out of the car (including my CD Changer). Thanks to his efforts at the scene, the following day when we went to the Grand Am at the impound lot, all we had to pull was my in-dash CD player, the cables for the changer, K&N Air Filter, keyless entry control module and the trunk pop solenoid. I later found that the CD that was in my in-dash CD player appears to have been stolen while it was in impound. I think the only item I did not get from that car was the sun roof!

Here are some pics of the '93 Grand Am at the impound lot:

93gawrk1.jpg 93gawrk2.jpg 93gawrk3.jpg

93gawrk4.jpg 93gawrk5.jpg 93gawrk6.jpg

See what this car was before the wreck at '93 Grand Am SE!

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