2005 F-Body Reunion at the National Corvette Museum


I can't remember exactly when this started, but my friend Jeff Lewis and I heard about the National Corvette Museum sponsoring an event they called the "F-Body Reunion".  Jeff and I both being F-Body enthusiasts, we had to get in on this.  To give a small amount of background on Jeff, he has been owned his '94 Formula Firebird since before the dealership had it on the lot!  He has also had it ever since I've known him and has babied it the whole time!  That was the ride we drove to Kentucky to the event.  We later wish we could have taken his '89 Turbo Trans Am (as none of those were spotted as this show).  Jeff has only owned the TTA for a few years and currently is in the middle of some changes (it has no engine or trans in it).

Anycase, we made our plans for this sweet trip in March/April time frame (as soon as we could once NCM announced the agenda of events).  We could not get September here soon enough!!  By far a great trip, we hope to do this again in years to come (and I hope to eventually be sporting my own Z28 at this event).

I bought a new memory stick for my digital camera and took a gross amount of pics!!  It took about two or three tries to get a good pic of the welcome banner to use on this site (the wind had it waving like crazy).  I sorted out the best ones and posted them here on this site.  Below is the menu for which days and events the pics were taken.  ENJOY!!

NCM_logo1.gif (1967 bytes) 9/16/2005 - Corvette Assembly Factory

tinybowtie.gif 9/16/2005 - Car Show (Early Afternoon)

NCM_logo1.gif (1967 bytes) 9/16/2005 NCM - Museum Pics

tinybowtie.gif 9/16/2005 - Line Up at NCM for 1869 Homestead

tinybowtie.gif 9/16/2005 1869 HomeStead

tinybowtie.gif 9/17/2005 - Auto Cross

tinybowtie.gif 9/17/2005 - Final Shots of the Car Show

tinybowtie.gif (1152 bytes) F-Body Body Road Trips

fb-cam2.jpg (5620 bytes)