2005 F-Body Reunion at the National Corvette Museum


9/16/2005 1869 HomeStead

Jeff and I, being a couple of guys who never went to this event (and this being the 5th annual holding of this event), we had NO idea what the 1869 Homestead was or even looked like!!!  WOW!!  It is just this MASIVE sized farm property!!  It looked wonderful.

Not much to comment about the pics themselves.  You can see shots of what it looked like as we drove up the driveway and the lines of cars that beat us there.  I have a shot of the cars following us and parked behind us.  A HUGE caravan of F-bodies (and a couple Vettes).  It was awesome to be a part of this!!

Jeff and I initally sat at a table by ourselves and were later joined by another couple (4th gen Camaro owners) and their son (third gen Camaro owner).  I can't remember exactly where they were form, but they drove from the west side of the country to meet in Kentucky.  WHAT A DRIVE!!

Before I forget, anyone thinking about going on this F-Body trip in the future, MAKE SURE you sign up for the meal at the Homestead!!  The food was GREAT and EVERYONE was awesome!! We even got invited to go out to a Go-Kart course after dinner with a hand full of people.  No pics of that, but we went and had a GREAT TIME!!

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