2005 F-Body Reunion at the National Corvette Museum


9/16/2005 - Car Show (Early Afternoon)

After the Factory tour, the car show in front of NCM was our next stop.  Don't get me wrong, I totally loved the entire trip, but I was disappointed in one thing...  The car show was pretty much DOMINATED by 4th gen F-bodies.  I would like to think it's apparent that I enjoy the 3rd gens the most ('82-'92).  I figured going to this show, 3rd gens might be a little rare to come by (they are not yet classics and they were not last production).  I expected a large 4th gen turn out due to it being the final productions, but I also expected the 1st and 2nd gens to have a larger turn out since they are already reconized as classics.

Alright, that was my small rant.  Once again, I REALLY enjoyed the entire event regardless!!  I took a bunch of pics and here are some of them:

I was a little surprised to see a mint Chevy Citation at the event.  Nonetheless, I had to take a pic of it and post it!

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