2005 F-Body Reunion at the National Corvette Museum


9/16/2005 - Corvette Assembly Factory

The Corvette Factory tour.  The first event of our trip to the National Corvette Museum.  Well, sadly visitors are not allowed to take pics of anything inside the factory (clearly noted by the sign we passed going in).  But I took pics of what I could before we left (such as the "No Camera" sign we passed).  If you have never gone to the National Corvette Museum and plan on going, I suggest going on the factory tour, otherwise I think your trip was incomplete!  I thought the tour was really fun and interesting to see how they put the Vettes together and the equipment used to during the process.

I did the best I could to take a pics of the mural painted on the wall before the entrence to the factory.  I was getting frustrated trying to take it too (everytime I lined up a clear shot somebody would come walking through).  But, I waited and scored a pic of each section (three total).  I wish my camera would have been able to take a panaramic shot (that would have been great).  But I worked with what I had.

Yep, that's me and yes I'm leaning on the Corvette in the pic.  It's the Vette the factory leaves out for display.

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