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Spring 2011 - Installing Performance Mods
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I know a lot of people find the above picture amusing, the fact I have the front of the Monte protected with blankets, but I will tell you... Those are three cheap (like $4-$5) movers blankets from Harbor Frieght and because you can tuck them into weird spots on the car work BETTER at protecting the entire car then any fender cover/bib I've seen.

Since buying my Monte in 2008, I began doing a lot of reading regarding various performance modifications, and well eventually got the itch to do some modding myself.   As seen on my web site, I began small with the drop in K&N filter and the UMI Performance Trailing Arms.    In 2010, I began to expand MORE with the ZZP 2.5" Downpipe with High Flow Cat and the L67 coil packs.   After the downpipe, I did more research, saving and stocking piling to eventually do some more serious work to the top end of my Monte Carlo.   Below is the list of mods I had stock piled for my Monte:

ZZPerformance ER Rockers (aquired 9/2010)
ZZPerformance HV3 High Velocity Intake Insert (aquired 9/2010)
Late 4th Gen v6 F-Body Polished Aluminum Valve Covers (aquired 9/2010)
ZZPerformance Power Log - AKA PLOG (aquired 10/2010)
Custom L67 Throttle Body (prepped fall of 2010)
Port Matched Lower Intake with Aluminum Gaskets (prepped early 2011)
Tuned PCM by Kelly Korbas with PCMforLess.com(took about 1 week to turn around, arrive 4/29/2011)


Before I go any further, I want to take a moment to recognize some of the people and forums that made this all happen (if it wasn't for people like these, I may never have done any of this).   I know I've spotlighted some of these people/forums in other parts of my web site as they specifically pertained to different tasks, but I'd like to group them up right here (as doing these mods was more then one little task):

My Wife Amanda - She tolerates my crazy ideas and hours tinkering in the garage!
Jeff Lewis - Knowledgeable car guy and set of extra helping hands for these projects!
Pontiac Bonneville Club.com
Monte Carlo Forum
North America Impala Owners Association

A special note about ChibiBlackSheep.   Back when I was just sorta feeling out what performance mods were available and what might I want to do, rather then carry out conversation on a forum, he sent me a private message directly.   In that message was a LOT of good information.   He sent me basically the mod forumla he applied to his car and if I had questions, he had great information and references (and I researched a lot of the info he provided and it seemed like the direction take).   Admittedly, I have done some stuff he hasn't and some a little different then he did, but this all began with information he provided!   Thanks Chibi!!!

Now, on with the show!!   :)

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