2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

May of 2010 - New Door Sills

So ever since I bought my Monte, I noticed, it's door sills seem a little lacking.   Unlike many of the cars I've owned, my Monte has NOTHING on it's sill plate area.   Now, I did find what appears to be the "factory" style door sills (about $150 + Shipping, I felt a bit much for self stick plastic strips).   I stumbled upon a message posted on www.naioa.com (an Impala forum) where a member got some new custom door sills for his Impala on eBay.   He listed the auction he got the sills from.   I looked at the sellers other items and sadly, he did not have anything for my Monte, so I e-mailed him.

Best_Trim_Dash was the seller (never got his real name).    He worked with me to create a custom order.   Obviously, since the Monte is a two door and the Impala is a four door, I had to give him additional specs to create my sills.   He did a great job and was very patient.

Below are shots of my door sills before I put on the custom sill covers.



Before New Door Sills (Main)
After New Door Sills

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