2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

March of 2010 - UMI Performance Trailing Arms

So shortly after Christmas of 2009, I decided my Monte needed a small mod to the suspension.   What I am looking for is to stiffen the rear end a little, as I sometimes feel the rear end moves/feels a little light.   Now, I admit, I am driving with the tires that came with the Monte.   I've driven other stock w-body cars with different tires and to be honest, that would probably be the best answer to what I am looking to improve.

But I've been looking for some inexpensive mods that may improve anything on the Monte from horse power to handling.   I decided since I have a set of UMI Performance rear control arms for my Camaro (currently far from ready to install), I've had a chance to see and hold one of there products.   And so far, everything I've read and seen has impressed me with there products, they were the first ones I checked for W-body parts.   Fortunately for me, they recently started offering W-body parts (currently only the rear trailing arms).   I decided this might be a good chance to see how they might effect the rear suspension on my Monte.

I received the new arms while it was still cold and snowy out.   Since the Monte is parked under a cover, outside for winter storage, I was waiting until better weather came around to work on this.   March, things started warming up and, first things first.... I have to remove the old stock rear trailing arms.


My brother-in-law Matt gave a hand with this (and was very helpful).   I was sadly working out of a garage without access to air tools (and I'll tell ya what, this would go much quicker if I had air tools).   Matt was able to muscle a couple of bolts I had issues with.

In order to remove the original arms from the body, it was required to also remove the mounting bracket that holds them to the body (not enough space to slide the bolt out of the arm and the bracket).

Take notice just some of the age (typical surface rust and I could not get a good picture of it, but a little cracking on the original rubber bushing).   Also notice the nice UMI arms (slightly larger bushings, sadly, I did not do a good job showing it, but the arm itself is wider/thicker then the stock stamped one).   I added the little covers to the grease fittings (old caliper bleed screw covers).

NOW, I added work for myself.   Since I had to take the body brackets off the car to do this, seeing their current condition, I did not have the heart to put them back on the Monte looking like that!

Remove Old Arms (Main)
Reconditioning Body Brackets
Final Installation
UMI Performance - W-Body Parts

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