2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

July of 2011 - 7th Gen Vertical Spoiler

For my Monte, GM offered two different spoilers.   The most common one is the flat one, that because of it's shape is known as a "surfboard" spoiler.   The other spoiler is like a fin (reminds me of the three piece spoiler on my 3rd gen Camaro).   This other spoiler is known as a "Stand Up", "Vertical" or "NASCAR Inspired" spoiler.   When I bought my Monte, I settled on the surfboard style since it was far better then no spoiler and I really liked the blue and silver of the car.   I figured the dream of having the vertical spoiler was gone, as it had a different bolt pattern then the surfboard and I was not going to get the holes in the trunk lid filled.

Thanks to ChibiBlackSheep on the Monte Carlo Forum sharing what he had done, I had a new goal.   ChibiBlackSheep learned that the vertical spoiler from a 7th gen Monte Carlo (2006-2007 models) uses the same bolt pattern as the existing surfboard.   The downside is that the surfboard rubs the trunk lid and damages the paint on it (in most cases like mine and ChibiBlackSheep's, wears it down to bare metal in a couple of spots).   The 7th gen vertical spoiler almost covers the same surface area as the surfboard, but leaves a couple areas exposed where the surfboard caused damage.   ChibiBlackSheep did this spoiler swap on his Monte first and provided everyone his findings on the forum (so I had an idea what I was in for ahead of time).

As a birthday gift this year, my mom bought me the 7th gen vertical spoiler!   All I needed to do now is have the trunk lid and spoiler re-painted.   I took the car to Ralph with Body Exotic in Euclid Ohio, this is the same shop the did the paint job on a friend's '55 Chevy Pick Up truck.

My mom did not even bother wrapping my gift, she gave me the spoiler as it arrived in the box from the salvage yard that shipped it.   Here's a couple pics from after I unpacked it:

And here are a couple of pics from while it was at Body Exotic:

Getting the Spoiler
Before and After Shots

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