2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

August of 2011 - Trunk Trim

Not a whole lot to say here.   Basically, while I was at the 2011 Monte Carlo Nationals in York, PA, I was talking with ChibiBlackSheep and comparing his black 2000 Monte Carlo SS with mine.   He was sharing a wealth of information he learned about some items the 2000 Monte did not get, but the later models got.   I noticed something his 2000 got that GM took away from the other models.   I simple piece of plastic trim at the entrance to the trunk, going around the loop that the latch attaches to (where as my Monte has little plastic rivet like things holding the trunk liner down).

I liked this trim piece, as it helped hide the seem for the trunk liner and I felt gave a better finish look.   Not sure why GM quite using it, but on a trip to the junk yard, I grabbed one and put it on my Monte.



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