2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

September 2011 - Silver Monte Carlo Quarter Panel Emblems

Since I bought my Monte Carlo, I felt my rear quarters were a little "bare".   From '00-'03, on all Monte Carlo SS models, GM placed the Monte Carlo script emblems along with SS on the rear quarters and the trunk lid.   When GM did this, the Monte Carlo script would be the same color as the body of the car (with exception of some special edditions) and the SS would be red.   In 2004, GM decided to place the the trunk emblems as before, but no longer placed the Monte Carlo scripts on the quarter panels.   GM left the stand alone SS logos on the quarters.

I finally decided it's time to change this on my Monte.   I contacted ZSPOT from the North American Impala Owners Association, who works for a dealerhsip to obtain silver Monte Carlo scripts for the quarters and change out the one on my trunk.   I also ordered a single SS quarter badge, as the passenger side SS badge is to the back of the quarter panel.   It had to be moved, otherwise, the quarter panel would read "SS Monte Carlo".

Now here are some before and after pics of adding the silver scripts



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