2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

August of 2011 - Red Steering Wheel BowTie

Ever since I bought my Monte, I feel GM missed a great opprotunity to help the interior styling.   They put a Chevy BowTie embossed on the steering wheel air bag, but that's it.   I decided on an SS Monte Carlo, that BowTie should stand out in red.   I went to Michael's Craft Store near me and a small bottle of Scribbles 3D Paint (commonly called "Puffy Paint") in the color Deep Red (which appears to closely match the SS badging).

Since the bottle is a squeeze bottle with a fine tip, I tried to gently squeeze the red into the BowTie.   This did not work as planned.   I found the best thing to do would be squirt a small dab of this stuff on a piece of cardboard and use a toothpick like a paint brush and apply it that way.   When doing this, it takes time and multiple coats to get the final look, as you cannot munipulate all the paint required to do the job at once.   You reach a point where you just need to let the paint dry and add more later.   For me it took three coats.



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