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April 2014 - Oil Life Reset Button

This feature was discontinued by GM in the '04-'05 Grand Ams.   I decided to see if this feature could be restored for two reasons.    First, I feel it's an easier interface to reset the oil life system and second, if I can someday figure out how to resurrect the tire pressure monitoring system (offered in a limited amount of '99 Grand Ams), then this button may be required for reseting the tire pressure system as well.

The Oil Life/TPM RESET button found in the driver side fuse panel on the '99-'03 Grand Am works by simply grounding out pin A12 on the middle(large/24-pin gray) connector on the BCM.   The factory wire for the RESET button from the BCM is a Pink/Black (black stripe) wire.   The BCM is located on the passenger side of the car and the plugs can be accessed by removing the glove box (handy for also running the wire) or you can remove the lower kick panel.

The factory RESET button uses a blade connection (it connects to the fuse block like a blade fuse).   The fuse block in the '04 has the spot for the RESET button, but nothing behind it to connect and hold it in place.   (this would require a different fuse panel at this   point).

If you choose to tie it into the fuse block, it is harness/connector C1 on the driver side fuse block.   The wire from the BCM goes to F1 and the ground wire goes to E1.   If you choose not to tie it into the fuse block, any momentary contact button can be used to fit where you select to mount the button.

I am using a factory reset button, but it is not in the fuse panel it self.   It's a simply wired in and resting in the driver side fuse panel area.

'04 Pontiac Grand Am GT SC/T

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