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I know I scanned these pics in a bit late, but they're here.  These are just a couple of scenes from the last LAN Party I attended.  This one was hosted by Ed "The AssMan" Sinclair!  We were burning our CPUs on Quake 2 (DeathMatch and Capture the Flag), Age of Empires and Need for Speed 3 (we know what car I was driving, only the '88 IROC skin I downloaded).  At this fest we flooded Ed's home with PCs in his living room to his garage!  And plenty of food to last us from around Noon until 11:00pm!

And now, the list of the attendees:
Ed Sinclair - AssMan
Michael Diffenbacher - Mr. Diff
Will Hommel - Pir8
Joshua Moyers - Agent Orange
Tim Przela - Master T-Dogg
Pat Murray - ????
Wayne Bienia - <none>
Rick Moyers - <never lifted a mouse>
Brian Picard - Shadow
And of course, Me, Jason Morris - The Maniac

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Of course Will Hommel came to this event sporting his last prize, a custom made shirt from Ed Sinclair for the one with the most frags from the last Quakefest.

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And now our gracious host, Ed Sinclair in his corner of command!

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Well, looks like Wayne Bienia snagged my station (far left).  Tim Przela is is shooting it up (on the right).  Rick Moyers's is simply a spectator.

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In this shot, we can see how Will Hommel earned that stylish shirt of his.  Hard at work with his custom built Quake-age station!

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And, hey look, Quake Fest isn't just a male bonding moment, but it's a family bonding moment.  Mike Diffenbacher holding his new born daughter, Devyn.   better watch it Diff, Ed is just a little too close for clean air!!

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